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United Asphalt provides professional paving services to businesses and residents throughout the southern Pennsylvania area as well as parts of Carroll County & Frederick County Maryland. See what our customers have to say about us.

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 46 reviews
 by Google Review by John L.
Fantastic job

I'm thrilled with my experience using United Asphalt to have my driveway sealed. The time from requesting a quote on their website, to getting a phone call, to having someone at my house was a matter of hours. They were friendly, did a fantastic job, driveway, and followed up. All of that for an amazing price. I will definitely use them again.

 by Google Review by Camilo G.
The outcome was fantastic

United Asphalt VA really impressed us with their work quality. They were quick to answer our first call. I scheduled with them immediately. The price estimate was fair, and the outcome was fantastic for us. Definitely would use them again.

 by Google Review by Kittisak T.
Best in the industry

Five stars but I'd actually rate them even more than that. They gave us a quick appointment time and they had no problem giving me a fast estimate, too. Best in the industry.

 by Google Review by Kongpob P.
Great at communicating

They stopped by and gave us a great bid for the work. They arrived promptly on time and were great at communicating with us.

 by Google Review by Natthapat C.
I really appreciated their communication

They prepped and installed pavement on our new private roadway and circled driveway on a lot of land. I really appreciated their communication.

 by Google Review by Scott O.
Very professional and responsive

I just hired United Asphalt to do some work at my house. First off, they were very professional and responsive, I had complete comfort and trust working with this company. The work I hired them for was not easy, especially where they had to place the asphalt, but they kept me apprised of their plan and ended up having to do most of it by hand which was a lot more work. They also came across and old tree root that they had to deal with that added a lot of time, but they took care of it without delay and no complaints. The onsite supervisor was a pleasure to work with, he is very honest and trustworthy. For example, it ended up raining and they couldn't seal the new driveway. I asked if I could pay them less the original fee until that work was done. Without question, the supervisor said no problem. Then ended up sealing the driveway a few days later once it stopped raining. I've been in the position before with other companies when they demanded full payment, I will never do that again. This company didn't even flinch or pressure me with anything like that. I highly recommend United Asphalt!

 by Jim Engles
Excellent Driveway Paving

United Asphalt repaired and paved our driveway with top-notch service and attention to detail. No comparison to bids from other contractors. United used professional equipment in an efficient manner.

 by Deborah Simondi

Needed a new driveway, Contacted United Asphalt and within 2 weeks they were here. The team was very professional and the work they do is outstanding. I am very pleased with my new driveway and I would highly recommend this team.

 by Google Review by KG Duncan
Top notch in paying attention to details

I used United Asphalt to resurface my driveway which was at that point in its life after 20 years. George and Clive's crew did a phenomenal job, where all the people were top notch in paying attention to details. I'm perhaps the 7th house in my neighborhood to have had them replace/resurface the entire driveway...and can attest that their results are consistently high quality. I highly recommend them.

 by Google Review by Dwight T.
Great service and quality

Great service and quality. Driveway turned out beautifully.

 by Google Review by Adrienne W.
I would happily recommend their services

When I needed a professional paving job for my driveway, I turned to United Asphalt. Every aspect of their work was done to the highest standards possible. I didn't expect their work to be so high quality, especially considering their price point. I would happily recommend their services.

 by Google Review by Aryaz Z.
Very professional

This company happily answered all of my asphalt questions and explained everything in detail so that I could make an informed decision before I hired him. Once the work was complete, I was so glad I had hired him. George was very professional and also helped repair my potholes in my driveway.

 by Google Review by Triston E.
Highly recommend his services

George was doing some work on a neighbor's driveway, and I stopped by to see what he'd charge to do my driveway. Fortunately, his price was reasonable and I'm now planning to hire him to keep my driveway in great shape with a repaving job. I would highly recommend his services.

 by Google Review by Vernon S.
The best

George at United Asphalt is the best. This guy made sure that his team's schedule matched my own. He took care of all my asphalt paving needs without any problems. Now my asphalt is smooth in great condition. Thanks for your help.

 by Google Review by Adam D.
I highly recommend

One of my kid's friend's parents had hired George and his team to asphalt their driveway and they passed along his information to me when my driveway needed repairs. I called them and talked to them right away, getting an estimate for the work. They responded fast and then within a few days they were at my house getting the job done. I highly recommend them.

 by Google Review by Daniel B.
Blown away by their affordability

My neighbor hired this company to do some asphalt repairs on their driveway and I was curious about their price points. I was blown away by their affordability. Not to mention they did a killer job fixing my driveway once I did hire them. You'll like their professionalism and their work ethic.

 by Google Review by John P.
I would hire them again in a heartbeat

I hired this company to help with my driveway. My home has a long driveway that is well worn. They patched up the holes in my asphalt and gave me an excellent price point for their work. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

 by Google Review by Arthur H.
I would recommend United Asphalt to anyone

I would recommend United Asphalt to anyone who wants a good paving job. They are great!

 by Google Review by Shawn T.
Extremely professional

Great job by United Asphalt. They did our very large driveway in May. We had some settling issues and they came out, looked at it, and fixed everything at no cost. They definitely stand by their work. Casey was extremely professional and did a great job leading the team both times he was here.

 by Google Review by Shantanu S.
Highly recommend

I couldn't be more pleased with George and his team at United Asphalt. Our old driveway was cracked and water accumulated in a dip in the driveway. United Asphalt dug out all the layers of the old drive and redid it entirely. They also adjusted the slope so that water now flows into a newly constructed drain. They were not the cheapest but I chose them based on how responsive they were to our many questions. On the appointed date, they showed up on time, completed the job and cleaned up after the job. The crew was polite and efficient.

I highly recommend George for your paving and driveway needs. Our new driveway has really added to the curb appeal of our house.

 by Google Review by Alec D.
Very professional

Very professional team and the quality of their work was also impressive. I will definitely use them again in the future and highly recommend them to anyone else.

 by Google Review by Kaushal A.
Professional, reasonably priced, fast, and respectful

Can't say enough about how pleased we are with George and team with our driveway expansion! Professional, reasonably priced, fast, and respectful. I am recommending them to our friends.

 by Google Review by Rhea B.
Responsive, quality work, friendly workers

Responsive, quality work, friendly workers. Came on time and finished in a few hours. Would recommend.

 by Google Review by Dona S.
Quick, clean and did an amazing job

We contacted United Asphalt for a quote and they came out right away. The quote was very reasonable and the best of their competitors. They started the work right away, giving us a new asphalt driveway. They were quick, clean and did an amazing job. So great, that we had them return for a second job. We would without a doubt recommend them.

 by Google Review by Jay H.
Great customer service and professionalism

Had my parking lot redone recently. I was very impressed with the great customer service and professionalism. They showed up when they said they would and did the whole job in one day! What awesome work and so easy to coordinate with. Would definitely recommend to anyone for paving services!

 by Google Review by Joy S.
Went above and beyond the expected services

This amazing group of professionals went above and beyond the expected services. I recommend them 100% and will be using them again and referring to family and friends.

 by Google Review by PG
Fantastic service

Fantastic service and quality delivery. 100% recommend this company I was truly impressed. Thanks again guys!

 by Google Review by Neal E.
Exceeded my expectations

Never thought I would have a good asphalt experience, Still the case because the experience with United was not just good but excellent! They exceeded my expectations. Arrived when they said they would, did what they said they would do and did a great job. Five stars is not enough!

 by Google Review by Alexandre T.
Great pricing and execution

Had my driveway paved, steep hill included. He gave me detailed information on options and no pressure. Great pricing and execution. Will use them in the future

 by Google Review by Liz J.
Awesome experience

Awesome experience... great work at fair price!

 by Yelp Review by Bernie G.
Very prompt and very professional

The owner George and his crew did a great job removing the damaged sections of the old drive and getting everything level and raised up to the garage entrance. It looks great and I'm so glad we went with them. Very prompt and very professional. I would recommend them to everyone!

 by Google Review by Ruth R.
Could not be happier with the service, timeliness and professionalism

When COVID-19 hit the US in March 2020, my husband and I decided to get adventurous with our house projects during quarantine. One of the numerous projects included the removal of our asphalt driveway. Nearly 20 tons of asphalt later and 3 days of treacherous manual labor, my husband gave up; he wanted nothing more to do with the mound of torn-up asphalt (transported via wheel barrel) sitting in our backyard. That’s when I reached out to asphalt companies for assistance in hauling away the monstrous mess we created; I was fortunate to stumble upon United Asphalt for their services. Initially, George told me our service request was not one he typically receives, and the cost for him & his crew to come out with the truck & Bobcat would be high, and unfair. Still, I was desperate to get rid of the asphalt (without my husband’s manual labor) and willing to pay the premium. I took pictures of our hideous display of asphalt in the backyard & sent them to George for a quote (I estimated 10 tons but it actually turned out to be closer to 20). We agreed upon a price and Rachel, his wife, called me on a Friday to let me know the crew would be coming by the upcoming Monday. George & his partner Casey were extremely quick & efficient- the asphalt was gone within a matter of hours. And to top it all off, George overheard my husband and I discussing a future pea gravel driveway. Although we did not intend to put in a new driveway until spring 2021, George provided us with a quote we couldn’t refuse! And, him & his team were able to make it happen the following day!! I could not be happier with the service, timeliness and professionalism demonstrated by United Asphalt- I have & will continue recommending them to our friends and family. Oh! And while we were admiring our new driveway, Casey overheard us discussing our plans for a new deck, and he provided us with a quote for that too! I honestly have an endless amount of words to share regarding the phenomenal service I received from United Asphalt, but I’d probably end up writing a book. A big thanks to the entire United Asphalt team for a job well done!

 by Google Review by MJMC Family
Great experience with this company

Great experience with this company. George stopped by with a flyer because they were working on other homes in our neighborhood, and I was able to talk to him right away about getting an estimate. He provided it the very next day. I called other places for estimates, and one didn't respond, the other said it will take a week. So we went with United Asphalt VA. We wanted to repave our driveway and extend it another several feet. George, the owner, answered all our questions and explained the process. Made suggestions to the design, to make sure it looked good once done. A week later, once the weather improved, they showed up on time, worked quickly but professionally, and were done in one day. They left the driveway very clean, and gave us instructions on future maintenance. Overall, A+ experience! Highly recommended!

 by Google Review by Rosita J.
A pleasure to work with from start to finish

George and his crew were professional and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. George responded within an hour of my initial call and arrived the next day to provide a quote. We requested a quote to have the entire driveway torn up and a new driveway put in but George advised us there’s no need to incur such an expense. He explained we needed to have sections pulled and repaired but not the entire driveway. He cut our expense in half! Such a honest and genuine business owner!! He and his crew arrived early and completed the job in one day. They were engaging, professional and most importantly ensured we were 100% satisfied with the job. Many thanks to United Asphalt!

 by Yelp Review by Matt D.
Quality of work was outstanding

It was a real pleasure working with United Asphalt. George and his team were very professional throughout the entire process. The quality of their work was outstanding. They answered all our questions in great detail and set appropriate expectations. They delivered in a timely fashion and cleaned the area thoroughly after completing their work. The pricing was also fair and reasonable. As a further a testimonial, we're having them return in the Spring to perform other work. We've even recommended them to family members.

 by Google Review by Mark P.
It looks great and I recommend to anybody

My driveway had sunk 4 inches in front of the garage, was cracked all along the edges, and was generally looking really old. George's estimate was on par or better than any one I had received. And within two days the job was done. He did a great job, explained everything he was going to do in great detail, and followed through. It looks great and I recommend George and his crew at asphalt paving to anybody.

 by Google Review by John M.
I highly recommend using United Asphalt

George and the rest of crew did a great job paving my driveway. George is a professional, very responsive to your calls, showed up on time, and take great pride on his work. I highly recommend using United Asphalt to pave or seal your driveway.

 by Google Review by David M.
Looks great and was done very efficiently

George and his team at United Asphalt resealed our pipe stem and driveways today and did a great job. The driveway looks great and it was done very efficiently and on time. I would definitely recommend him to others for their driveway needs.

 by Google Review by Lindsay P.
Couldn’t be happier

They just redid our entire driveway, and we are so happy with the results. Our old drive was cracking and had huge dips right where it met the garage entrance, creating a major fall hazard. They removed the bad spots, leveled everything out and added a thick layer to the top. The drive looks awesome and level with the garage. Couldn’t be happier!

 by Google Review by K S
Great experience with United Asphalt

Great experience with United Asphalt. George was a pleasure to work with--honest, professional and clearly takes pride in his work. I would highly recommend him and his team for anyone needing paving/sealing work.

 by Google Review by Kathryn P.
Highly recommended

George showed up on time, was easy to communicate with, and completed the job in a timely fashion. It is increasingly rare to find people who show up to work and take pride in their work. Highly recommended.

 by Google Review by Beverly C.
I’m so pleased with the job

My driveway looks so good! George was professional, friendly and courteous. He was on time, cleaned up and did an awesome job! I’m so pleased with the job he did. It certainly has added value to my home.

 by Google Review by Garrett W.
Worked promptly to get the job done

He showed up on time for everything start to finish. Worked promptly to get the job done. I will use him again in the future. Thanks again!

 by Yelp Review by Jim R.
He is easy to access and quick to address any concerns

My wife and I are in the middle addressing a subsidence problem in our front yard. Our landscaper recommended George Broadway and his company United Asphalt. Our biggest issue with contractors has been communication. On this score, George excels. He is easy to access and quick to address any concerns. As for the job done, the substantially damaged driveway is now beautiful. I've already had a few neighbors asking about who did the work and asked for his contact information.

 by Yelp Review by Richard P.
I'm very satisfied with their workmanship

After getting 5 estimates, I chose United Asphalt to pave my grandmother's driveway. I spoke to George, and he was nothing but a gentleman the whole time. They were very reasonably priced, and I'm very satisfied with their workmanship. I HIGHLY recommend!

 by Google Review by Slw-bird
Couldn’t ask for better, honest, and quality work

Couldn’t ask for better, honest, and quality work. If you need anything done to your drive way and need paving, this is the best company you can call. All you gotta do is call and they will answer all your questions . I highly recommend.